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Default Re: Contribute to the New Hobo..

coming from the perspective of a manufacturer i understand how much parts cost to make, i've not been able to take a look up close at one of these, but seeing as how they are all metal and high-temp rubber i know they arent cheap to produce especially if they're being made stateside due to cost of machining and rubber molds...that being said, the price doesnt bother me so much.

personally, maybe a interchangable stem? like where the downstem will unscrew and you can put a longer or shorter one on depending on what size bottle you will be using?

definately a purge system of some's always a nice feature to have.

like i said before, i havent been able to look at one of these in real life, but it looks like you can only use one hose on it (?) so maybe make a port that you can put a standard hose adapter on for use of an aftermarket hose like a Razan?

just some thoughts.
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