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Default Re: new object of my desire

ok so after the storm was quelled, and there was much talking and "compromising" i was finally given the aforementioned permission, on one condition however. i can have the hookah, i just gotta wait until my birthday to get it. my birthday is in august, but yeah, at least it's a win. hopefully john will still have it, but if not then that's not a biggie either, i'lll just see what he has in stock at the aforementioned time of purchase.

so, like this is going to be my first rig in a while. the first one was a small egyptian that i had for a few years. i bought it at a head shop here and they only sold QL and hookah-hookah shisha. i was able to order japanese style coals and i somewhat remember them working out somewhat. so that is the expanse of my hookah knowlege.

so while i wait, you guys got any recomendations, tips, advice, or whatever? what kind of shisha do you recomend for a semi first timer? and blah blah other stuff.
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