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Default Picked up a KM tonight for an outstanding price

I went to my favorite hookah lounge tonight in Vegas.

Was lookin over his hookahs and saw a Syrian and KM....inquired about the KM, a red 35" Exotica Jr....asked about pricing and he wanted to know if I wanted the regular price or the Frank price.

So I ended up picking up that sweet KM for only $60....I was also informed that if I ever need anything to let him know and I can get whatever I need for wholesale pricing.

Smoking out of the hookah didn't come with a KM hose since he didn't have it for some reason so he threw in a MYA hose.

All in all great deal....smoked 3 bowls at the lounge for free and picked up the hookah for only $60.....although I didn't need another hookah I couldn't resist it at that price.

Pictures will be posted soon.

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