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Default Re: new object of my desire

Originally Posted by Xoek View Post
ok, so here's how it went, i walked into the room and woke up my wife, then loudly ordered her to give me permission to buy the hookah. then after much yelling and several minutes of domestic abuse i was able to run/escape the wrath of such an angry woman. i did the fear run while ducking and covering up move as she was still trying to slap me. seriously i've never seen a woman so mad before she was like a hungry lion, it's like she was mad at everything i did! first, she was mad that i called her wench, then she was mad that i woke her up by yelling about a hookah at her when she was still sleeping, and finally she was mad that i tried to order her around by saying "i wear pants in here not you." women, sometimes i just don't understand them. i was told to "shut up because you'll wake the baby, and leave me alone until the morning." so i guess i'll ask again in the morning.

that's how i get down, cuz i'm a gangster.

Xoek man... haha.. Your making me laugh.. please write a book man I love your attitude .. hahah
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