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Default Re: new object of my desire

i've bee ntrying to write. my wife supports me but i generaly get lazy after writing for a while. and yes, my attitude, let's just say the wife has a passive tolerance for it. in real life i can get very loud, crazy, random, off the wall, and in your face. sometimes it's bit much for my wife to deal with, she says it's like living with a real life cartoon character. my kids love it though. but yeah i generally love to laugh and there's no telling really what i'm going to say at any point in time, cuz i'll sometimes just blurt out the randomest shit. just stuff that comes into my mind, and i'll go outside while my wife is hanging clothes and blurt shit out loudly at her. like the other day i told her that i though jesus should be considered an athlete because he was a long distance walker. she gave me this wtf kind of look and i challenged her by asking her "are you implying jesus wasn't a long distance walker?" then she just laughed at me.
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