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Default Re: hilarious yet sexy

exactly, that part made me laugh alot. im like, "way to go blondies!". some people can be so unaware of something it makes you wonder. not just with hookah but with simple stuff like for example i work at a cafe and one day our steam wands and espresso machine broke (crappy equipment, one thing breaks, everything else breaks with it). so i had to announce to the line of customers:

"we are sorry to tell you this but right now our steam wands and espresso machines are broke. we can only serve you coffee, soft drinks, and tea"

one of them askes, "can you still do lattes?", no sorry sir. then another one askes, "what about hot chocolates?", again, no.. then another, "what about cappuccinos, you can do that right?"....... thats when i put my palm to my forehead.

but about the chicks, good looking but i have a feeling its their first time handling a hookah if you know what i mean.. some of their poses looks like they are fighting for it, using it as a sex toy, or just ignoring it. id like to see a picture of them on their knees on the ground, and on the table in the center is the stargate hahaha.
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