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Default Re: yay just ordered some more tobacco

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
okey let me explain that.. I live in sweden so the nakhla Da I have smoked before have been fake and old tobacco.. but the AF I can get is the real and its really good and AF DA is one of my favourites !
but I have tried this 1 batch of REAL nakhla Da and it was from glas jar.. but I have not got it to smoke right so no I cannot honestly say I like AF Da more then nakhla DA cus it hasn't had a fair chance..
But dude if you would have smoked AF DA the way I have got it to work many times.. You would not get mad for comparing nakhla Da to Af DA..
ask sambooka.. He knows how to smoke AF DA as well
la la la im not listening lol. i always have a good session with nakhla DA. and with AF its a hit or miss with the tobacco. i havent purchased AF since last year october when, for me, started to be inconsistent. id rather buy nakhla DA and know that im getting the best than buy AF DA and hope i get a decent batch. buying AF is kinda like a meeting a girl at a bar and taking her home... you hope for the best lmao
With those happy thoughts, in my head, I'm feeling like I'm peter pan... Minus the tights and the fairies....

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