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Default Shooting Star Has Landed!

Todayís been more then a good day since the DHL man showed up with a large box of Shooting Star Spring Seasonal moassel which you can see in the attached photos. Which were made possible by my mate Tristan who took the shots and uploaded them onto my PC.

Also, my good friend Na'eema not only secured this delightful concoction for me but was also good enough to provide the following note which provides a bit of information about the Spring Seasonal.
__________________________________________________ __________

Greeting to American narghile enthusiasts from Idlib! My friend Hajo ask me to provide you all with a bit of information about the Spring Seasonal blend made by Shooting Star of Tartus. First, the Spring Seasonal is named in honour of Fakhri al-Barudi who was a great Syrian nationalists, patron of the arts. According to the people at Shooting Star he also was tobacco enthusiast that enjoyed the Spring Seasonal blend his entire adult life.

The blend itself has been in continuous production since 1922. The blend consists of 13 different kinds of tobacco and is the eleventh blend offered for sale by the company which is why the box is so labeled. The molasses is made from Carobs grown in Syria and the tobacco is fermented in cedar casks with a combination of 17 different herbal essences made in Al Hamidiyah. The moassel takes a full 18 months to mature which is a third longer then the standard blends made by Shooting Star.

The Spring Seasonal is like all Shooting Star blends in that it is made without glycerin or artificial flavours and the tobacco is always unwashed.

The Spring Seasonal is issued on the 12th of April and remains on sale until the batch is sold out. Depending upon the supply the proper leaf and herbal essences anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 kilos are produced. I understand that this year the batch was 2,500 kilos and itís already sold out. About 20% of all specialty and seasonal blends are sold in cigar style wooden boxes rather then the more traditional wax paper and string style packaging. The boxes typically having the Shooting Star logo of the tiger on top of a pillar, the number of the blend and a photo-copy of a well known portrait of the person the blend of named for or a graphic design.
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