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Default opinions on stocking up?

ok so since i have the ability to grab some shisha at a reduced price for a short period of time i am thinking of stocking up on some stuff but since i will be home for the summer i will go from smoking 2 bowls a day to probably 2 bowls a week probably.

im trying to figure out if it is worth it to grab some flavors i like to stock up when im really only going to save a buck per pack, and if it is going to sit here for 3 months+ is that really worth it. i know shisha is supposed to be good for 2 years on the shelf.

so in short, does everything think it is worth it to stock up on stuff at one time to save just a bit if it may sit around for 3-6 months before being opened and a god 1-3 months more to be used after opening

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