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Default Re: opinions on stocking up?

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
if you dont open it then there is no problem.. jsut keep it cold not in refrigirater ( spelling ? to tired to look up ) and in a dark place and you should be alright..
but you know that stuff already since you are a pro. But I will tell you anyway that after opening it you should keep it into airtight containers on the same storing level and you will be just fine!

So to the stocking up! you must get nakhla chocomint! It's cheap! its probably one of the best shishas out there in every way! and you can use it to mix about anything!
lol, the one i am probably going to stock up on is chocomint, i bought out the local place right before the tax hike (only 2 boxes left though, and one was for my good friend). i just killed a box of chocomint the other day and about to open my last box of it.

and as to the air tight i am pretty over the top with it, i put the tobacco in a ziplock bag, put that into a 2nd bag, put that into the box then put that into another zip lock

i guess i will just grab another thing of the choco mint. honestly it is the only thing i care about having a large supply of since i go through it soooo fast (got the box about march 19th and just finished it 2 days ago)

i guess i will stock up some. i cant justify buying more than 5-7 boxes honestly with my cash supply but it is a great deal. i think i will just bag it up well and toss it in the bottom of my tobacco cabinet

thanks guys
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