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Default Re: Some buying advice needed

Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
I have a washable hose currently, and I like it, but I'm probably going to upgrade to something nicer, yet still washable. Is there any difference between the Nammor, Razan, and Caravans?

And is there a difference between the Vortex and Phunnel in smoking? I have the Vortex already and love it.

As for windcovers, I have a combo bowl. Would it be better to just get a regular cover? What kind would you suggest?
razan and nammor are the same hose
the small nammor is smaller then a normal razan...

grands, from my experience, have a slightly tighter pull (might have just been the one i tried) and the tip is not removable so cleaning sucks a little more...
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