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Default Re: opinions on stocking up?

Originally Posted by Pieking View Post
Yea I hear ya.. I don't think it will offend anybody though. I always try to keep it within reason.
people here have gotten to the point they just ignore the right wing propaganda, yes there was a tobacco tax increase, yes it was not logical (i would be willing to bet due to PM having their hands so far up politicians butts), but there is no way that the people will allow another increase any time soon.

any way if you want to keep this going lets start a thread in serious discussion but it has already been beaten to death with the right wing propagandists trying to say that obama will tax us to death, other people blowing off the taxes all together, and the whole thing falling into a pissing match of people bitching about taxes being needed and then the crazy people saying taxes are unconstitutional and that they should go away who are the same people that would bitch and moan when they dont have roads or police </rant> move it to serious discussion if this needs to continue but its the same thing over and over, and sorry if i sound like a dick, im just tired from getting up really early and being out in the heat all day

back on topic
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