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Default Re: Some buying advice needed

KM's, Nours, Mz's and Mya's and Egyptians all have beautiful, great smoking hookahs. Best thing to do is check the reviews, put together a list of pros and cons and check that against what you are really looking for in a hookah. It is the only way to truly find something you will be satisfied with. There are fanboys and fangirls of all the above mentioned hookahs that will tell you this one is better than that one etc.
I have smoked out of all of the above and have hookahs in each group that i truly love, hence my large collection.
Personally i am tired of the nonstop chin music from each fanbase. A hookah that you find pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to smoke is the ultimate goal be it KM, Nour, Mya, MZ or Egyptian.
my free 2 cents, take it or leave it.
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