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Default Re: opinions on stocking up?

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
Back to topic:

I have yet to try Chocomint, even being the hardcore nakhla fan I am. If it's good enough for you to buy 6 boxes of it then I HAVE to try it
lol i meant in the order as a whole... but it is very good, i could smoke it all the time i think

but i do plan to end up going through a box ever month to 6 weeks after summer just because it is sooooo good (and i will smoke more often again since i wont be at home for the summer, i just feel weird smoking a lot around my rents). how ever the only down side of it is that it really ghosts your hose so i have ended up just using one hose for mint and chocomint (honestly havent needed to wash my nammors though for months since i just suck them out well when im done but they keep a touch of flavor).

and Pieking i didnt mean to come across as a total d-bag, just had a long day and have gotten annoyed at how things that truly take a large amount of congress to be for them to happen get blamed on the president or some one else that really has no power to implement things one way or another, especially when other people have abused power recently and blatantly over reached their powers to do illegal things yet people didnt say crap about it

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