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Default Re: Some buying advice needed

Originally Posted by Trivial View Post
I completely agree .. I'm just tired of these Syrian fan boys saying what ever it takes to make someone get a Syrian and get some kind of accomplishment and gratification out of it!

Ive seen people come on chat looking for Km and these syrian fans boys after an hour of harassing them, about how the syrian is the greatest and saying comments such as " brass doesnt get as hot" make them change there mind and get a syrian even though they like the look of a km

But then they are told how crappy they are!

These syrian fan boys can say there just joking... but when you telling false facts or exagerating facts to make an agenda.. thats bullshit

Im sorry I stooped down to there level but Im tired of seeing that shit

and Sorry for my rant
^ the rant is pretty fanboy'ish

Syrian and Egyptian are both well made Hookahs
It really boils down to preference and design
function is virtually the same

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