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Default Re: Think of a shisha flavor

Originally Posted by jimmmmaaaa View Post
Wow ive seen a lot of good ideas so far, ie mountain dew would be amazing.
As for the fruity pebbles that supposedly exists already, who makes that?
Personally, what I would really want to see/taste is just a generic blue flavor. You can't really call it blueberry or rasberrry, just that childhood blue flavor we all know and love (found in icepops, and kinda in blue powerade/gatorade). Chances are this exists, but i have yet to find it.
Tangiers blue gumball may come close idk i havent tried it?

Hmm flavors id like to see:
- lychee or a lychee mixed with something else type of flavor,
-taro bubble tea type flavor you could even toss tapioca balls into your vase for shitsngiggles,
-nutella - you could prob just mix choco and hazelnut out there but something closer to nutella it self im thinking about would be awesome, -hot cross bun,
-pralines and cream.

all i can think of atm
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