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Default Re: Some buying advice needed

Originally Posted by polishman View Post
MAJOR difference is simply material used for making the downstem as well as design
What is used to make the downstem for each type? I thought I read that they both used stainless. ...And on a side note, are the downstems removable or are they solid pieces?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
If you like your sahara, and have not had much experience with different brands and flavors, then I would recommend buying some tobacco. Buy a vortex/phunnel + Razan and see if you like your Sahara even more. If you don't like how it smokes, buy a AF Syrian later on.

A hookah is only as good as the person setting it up.
I've had plenty of experience with shisha. My downfall comes in experience with hookahs and accessories. I love my Sahara - packed up with a Vortex bowl of HF Scooby Snack or HH Peach/7 Spice, puffing smoke clouds bigger than me.

You mentioned buying a Razan... Do you like them better than Nammors?
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