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Default Re: Starlight Silver Coals anyone?

found one ^_^

I saw these in a local shop and decided to try them out. I haven't had the chance yet to buy the Japanese brand that everybody talks about but these looked similar and I decided to try them since it was only 7 bucks or so for a box.

Each stick is perforated into 3 sections that are easy and clean to break apart. Takes a couple of minutes on my gas stove to light and another minute or two for the foil to be ready to blow off. Each square lasted about 45 minutes and ashed VERY cleanly. There wasn't any charcoal taste that I noticed and the shisha flavor came through strong.

They seemed to burn as a decent temperature and their convenient size allowed me to put 3 squares on my standard Mya bowl to start the session. I would recomend these to anybody who has access to a stove or a torch. DO NOT USE WITH A LIGHTER, you will never get them lit.

9/10 (a perfect 10 would be a clean burning coal that lights fast and lasts 1 1/2 hours so probably not going to see a 10 coming from me) -Indy.
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