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Default Re: Nakhla Mizo Watermelon/Guava Mailing Sheet

Finally !!!

After some unexpected delays due to unplanned guests coming over and such .... I finished unpacking, delayed by one whole day.

Phewwww ...... Can't imagine how tough it was. 3-4 hours cutting through cardboard to the right size. 1 hour lining up everyone's specific order. 10 hours cutting through approximately 100 packs of tobacco, repacking into ziplocks, writing on the ziplocks. Washing hands with hot water and soap between packs to avoid contaminating the outside of the ziplocks (so they don't smell) and cross-contaminating the tobaccos.

Then going through 8 rolls of tape to tape the ziplocks to the cardboard sheets (about 3 hours). One hour of writing FROM and TO addresses on the envelopes. (Caution: sender name and address are not real LOL). Then finally assembling it all together ..... Phewwwwww. If it weren't 3:21 AM here I would've awarded myself a nice dinner and a celebratory smoke.

See the picture here ...... 24 envelopes neatly stacked, lying innocently on the floor (they don't look like they took 24 damn hours !) , waiting for a visit to the Post Office and some "white lies" about the "important papers" and "contracts" that I am sending in bubble envelopes enclosed in hard cardboard !!
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