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Default Re: making 1 hose km 2 hose??

To my knowledge with KM's that aren't multi-hose to begin with the hose port is fixed and cannot be unscrewed like a Mya. The KM has a solid traditional chamber unlike the common chamber that Mya has. If you are serious about a multi-hose rig you're probably best off buying a multi-hose KM if you're deadset on the brand. If you are flexible, the Syrian Glyph on H-S has a double purge so that one can be unscrewed and replaced with a syrian hose adapter. I haven't smoked a Glyph or a multi-hose KM model but I'm sure they work all the same. The nice part about a Glyph would be A) its Syrian Brass...duh B) if you are smoking alone you can attach the purge back on and not have to use a hose plug, but in reality this is more of a personal preference than actual convenience C) if you're into the impractical, you can even put a third adapter on and purge through a hose. If you're looking to keep the cost down, either buy a cheap Chinese rig because these seem to throw extra hose ports on like they were candy or go with Siagcore's kickass adapter. Or even if you're feeling adventurous you can try the 4 hose converter. The point is that there is you have some options. Short of knocking the purge valve off with a hammer and welding on your own adapter.

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