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Default Re: Differences between hoses (interesting find)

I love the nammor hose I have and I use it a lot. I've not much experience the Mya Cloissone hose (maybe none) but I think that I had one that came with a Mya Gryro I got as a gift but I hated the rig and gave it away before I got much of an impression of the hose.

In terms of washable hoses I am very interested in the the J and R one but i've never heard anything about it. Any have any experience with it? I'm also interested in:

Anyone use it?

As to wood tips I guess I am of mixed feelings in that I know they absorb flavour which is bad yet for some reason I really enjoy the feel of the wood in my mouth and i've had countless great sessions with old fashioned Syrian hoses so my experience tells me wood tips are fine while my mond tells me they can't be any good. Strange.
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