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Originally Posted by Green_Jacket
Hey there guys, hope all is well. I was in a local Cafe in rusholme the other day and for once i had a really nice shisha that wasnt home-made (al fakher cherry - from villa cafe, wilmslow road. Manchester). I have smoked a few different brands of Ma'ssel now, (well the main ones in the uk at least) and was just wondering, i know opinion will be divided but what is the absolute rolls royce premium M'assel on the market(without money being too much of an object)? Everyones opinion is welcome, give a run down of your personal experiences at home, abroad, smoked in the living room or in the middle of a cafe. What was and when was your absolute best?



I don't think that that any ultimate M'assel exists. Partly, it's because anything that uses tobacco (or any other agricultural product ) varries from year to year and batch to batch. Also, what people like varies all over the map so I don't think that what I or anyone else likes will suit your tastes.

That being said I can make a few observations:

1) If you like artificially sweet stuff and don't care about realism you'll find a lot of stuff to suit you.
2) If you like, strong but sweet and not very natural flavours you'll love SB.
3) If you like strong, natural fruit flavours you'll like the less exotic Fantasia flavours.
4) If you like complicated, natural fruit flavours Hookah-Hookah, Fumari, and a few of the more conservative Hookah Freak flavours would be the way to go.
5) If you are partial to traditional tobaccos and enjoy subtle, complicated flavours i'd recomend Salloum Moasel, Hookah-Hookah Cavendish, AF soft black and Zaghoul and AF Ark Sous and Afzel Pan.
6) If you like complicated floral/fruit flavours Al Amir, Afzel and Salloum Moasel and Al Basha are the way to go.

Of course in order to get a good session you must have a very clean rig, a well packed bowl, decent heat management and a sensible smoking technique. If you lack any of those things Moasel made by devine intervention will be mediocre at best.
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