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Bigger bowls in my opinion are pointless. My hookah came with a standard bowl, and then another ceramic ring to put over it (it looked like an extention or something... aparently it was a small windcover, but it worked well as a bigger bowl). The monster must have taken at least 60-70g of shisha. After over an hour, 4 ql coals, and 5 people smoking on it pretty frequently, we only got through half the bowl, and wasted probabally like 30-40g. Definately experiment with other types of bowls or techniques before getting a monster bowl.
I think I have the same thing you are talking about - used it once in "jumbo" mode and it worked well. It lasted well over 2 hours (maybe 3?) with 6 or 7 of us on it, and in the end we smoked the full bowl without any burning or harshness. I hadn't used it in a long time, but just the other day I pulled it out and smoked it without the upper "ring" and it worked like a regular Egyptian bowl. I'll try to remember to snap some pictures later.
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