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Default Re: Nakhla i really like this stuff but...

yea mizo like all nakhla is unwashed, well i heard all nakhlas are partially washed in the process but still nothing near AF or starbuzz etc., mizo is wetter meaning bigger clouds mainly, maybe stronger flavor as a result as well.

It took me upwards of 20 sessions to get used to buzzes, i started off with AF and I would get big buzzes from it lol then i started smoking nakhla and found the flavor to be much more suited to my tastes, it was more natural and just plain yummy to me and the buzz ended up being equal to the AF buzz by the time i started smoking it.

nakhla DA and the mizo line may pack more of a punch because of the bigger clouds, more efficient at delivering the nicotene im guessing, ive had DA and it is way stronger than mandarin or sweet melon for example. just keep smoking it and try not to chain smoke it, be hydrated and dont smoke on an empty stomach, and eventually your body will be able to handle it better, possibly to the point where you do not get any buzz whatsoever. Maybe open a window or something as well, you dont want to deprive yourself of oxygen either.
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