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Default Re: Shooting Star Has Landed!

Basically I look at all craft type products as the same sort of thing. In Belgium a great many lambic brewers only produce stuff a few months out of the year since the spontaneous fermentation they use requires microbial conditions that are very temperature sensitive.

Certainly other companies make smaller, more expensive batches of moassel but Shooting Star can hold it's own against any of them. What surprises me is that such a small form can keep going despite a lack of purchasing power and without an export market to well-heeled consumers in the west.

I wish I had access to more info about the firm like when it was started and by whom. What are the full line up of flavours and why the Syrian government hasn't decided to take it over yet.

Anyway, I do know a bit about the firm and it's products so if anyone has any questions just ask.
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