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Default Re: Sorry to announce but it had to be done.

I never was aware of any problems with the Devil's Playground people and I haven't followed any of the drama here other then reading what is found on this thread but I will make a brief observation which I think is valid and topical. First I would like to say that the people that run this forum seem very honorable and seem to work actively to be fair so it seems to me that we should support them in this matter until they are proven other wise. Secondly, the apparent conduct of the DP people is the sort of thing that can't be tolerated in any way because to do so would make this hobby guilty by association. Our hobby has enough unfounded prejudices directed against it so I think we need to actively work against anyone that engages in dishonest business practices or is associated with "controled substances". Lastly, one thing that makes this such a great place is that vendors don't control it and instead it's by and for narghile fans. If we want to keep that spirit we need to make sure that all vendors conduct themselves in accordance with the rules and behave in a honorable fashion. Thankfully, vendors here are a real asset for the most part and it seems that geting rid of DP will keep things on an even keel.
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