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Default Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the future

I think that whole narghile thing will become far less popular in the states within the next 3 - 5 years. Primarily it seems that the people into it are under 30 and most of them will be into what ever is trendy at the moment. Also, narghile smoling takes a fair amount of time and effort in terms of set up and cleaning which has and will continue to drive a lot of people away from the hobby. Of course then relentless march of the tobacco prohibitionist movement banning public smoking will shrink the number lounges around while tax increases will hurt everyone.

What I see in the future is a much smaller number of casual/occasional smokers going shisha cafes which will be far less common then they are now. I do see the serious smoker ( ex. most of the people that are forum regulars ) staying with it and the hobby drifting up scale like cigars did back in the '90s. On the whole the scene will be smaller then it is now but bigger then it was 5 years ago.
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