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Default Re: Water Dust in Stem?

Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
wow, that doesnt look like lime deposits from hard water, honestly i dont know what that could be, ive never seen anything like that before. strange but oddly interesting to. does it come off easily? and when it does is it solid or turn powdery?
It doesn't happen at home. Only here at college. I haven't tried cleaning it in any other dormitories either.

It comes off at the touch, almost like it's barely hanging on. It's slightly solid, but if you rub your fingers together it powderizes. It's only that white-ish color and forms on anything metal. Oddly, it doesn't form on the outside of the stem, only the inside. It doesn't form on the bowl or tongs. There's an odd residue on the inside of my vase, but that might just be my habit of not cleaning it out for a couple hours after smoking.
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