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They are the distributors for Skybuzz, The Al Fakher that is not the Al Fakher everyone is used to and they tried to make hookah cubes trying to copy Exotica Coals but they have failed due to 2 reasons, number one, no one in the world can make anything like Exoticas because it is patented. If anyone ever seens square finger coals, please alert us asap a if the company gets prosecuted due to your alert, you will get a reward! Second, Exotica has a patented formula which no one can even guess, so when they released the coals, which are like little cubes, they break in 100's of pieces on the grill and taste like crap.

I know the owner and I am not bashing them but I do not like the fact that they try to copy everything out there instead of putting their brain together and coming up with something unique. All they want to do is copy but as everyone will see, they will fail. They also were the ones who released PoofPoof stating it was Al Fakher when it was not and they also own the sites and

In this industry, everyone stays quiet but once I heard that he tried to copy me when he cant and tried to change the design a bit and try to target me, I will let people know the facts.

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