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Default Re: starbuzz and tonic

wow you guys are trippin' lol wow thats all i have to say...

look if starbuzz was made in Jordan as which you all claim then why is that actual factory that i work for and over see the product being made and from A to Z isn't enough to convince you all... i have a question for you all... do you know how many flavor company's there are in the world? not that many. let me put something into prospective for you all. any one that says tonic, starbuzz and skybuzz are the same you are dead wrong. do you think as a company we don't try out the other flavors. come on.... we smoke bowls of bowls of bowls of tobacco a day to get flavors just right for production. so how is it that when a new flavor is about to be released i have the horrid job of testing it out... see how is it possible for me to test out a flavor every single F**k'n day with it being made in "Jordan". impossible when i actually see it being made before my eyes.

Like everything in life there is going to be some one to revolutionize the market some how and it was starbuzz back in 2003. it took them 3 years to copy it... but as a company, and you will hear it from me. Bilal Sherif (and call me if you want F it heres my cell (714) 232 6607) it is going to be a big year for STARBUZZ TOBACCO

new things are on the way... and who ever is getting a magazine in the mail will get a clue of what is coming.
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