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Default Re: I fail at Tangiers F-Line...

Originally Posted by nmcgrawj View Post
Got some orange soda. using CH naturals and either a small chinese funnel or a MN small Glass phunnel...

I've tried 2 different packing styles on youtube....first being just a tight back below the rim. The 2nd being overloading the bowl, putting foil on top of the mound, pushing down on it to create a tight pack, then stretching the foil across the bowl.

I've gotten a little flavor with a decent amount of smoke, no buzz, but most of the time it just goes bad.

you can try out my method... lot of people have had success with it

how many coals are you using... and is it harsh every pull even with one coal on it?

And dont use the glass phunnel... ive made it work before but its more of a bitch IMO
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