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Default Re: If you received a free Hookah Hookah sample for review in the past cont

[FONT=Verdana]Though I am at work I thought I chime in too. Well I did my 5 boxes from SSC and allot of the stuff on my shelf; even got like 7 more to edit from my stash should be up latter tonight. I like to do at least 1 if not more then one session before I do a review, however there are times when the alpha session is so how do we say unbearable that it requires filming then, I thinking BL DA. I think this is the best way to give a flavor a full shack down, was I lazy and not managing my heat right, did I pack it no quite right, etc. these can not be found in quick set up and film. As for the long run video's it a hard call between getting the info out and just dead space. I even have seen some that were way to short, and that is even worse then to long. Hopeful I at least have stayed out the boring category though. Anyways "thanks" to all those that are on the right path, to the rest of you "come on really"[/FONT]
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