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Default Re: starbuzz and tonic

mag should be out this month because there would have been no reason to release it at the end of last year.

starbuzz is made in the usa. one of its factories is basically right next to bilal's place, you can walk over to it in a couple of minutes. i know there is a huge discussion on this over at hf (sorry samb) but people over there talk and thats just it. they have NO clue how the brands are made even with all their wisdom and they just hear really rumors how its made. they hear the rumors a couple times from different people who dont say its a rumor and by hearing it from other people they believe it to be true (this holds up with most any rumor). take everything with a grain of salt. unless they have actual proof which is not just another person but actual physical proof or until you see it in person where you are in a factory in another country with people packing the jars and putting on the starbuzz stickers which are the real deal. only other thing you can believe is what is told to you by people who work for the company.
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