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Default Re: Arizona People Post Up!

Originally Posted by CPill View Post
@ omgheyitskenny: lol it was already stated though... so i didn't think it was a problem... but i would HOPE that i wouldn't throw it out there if he hadn't already said it...

that and, for anyone who knows tempe... there's really only 1 place he could live if he lived next to the Inn n Out at rural and the 202... unless he lived at the hotel next door to it

but really though, had he not said it and i DID just blurt it out... i'd be changing my post to edit it out cause you're right... it'd be kinda effed up to just throw it out there.
Theres condos behind there we were planning on moving there but we got one at two towers across from Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall

Hey CP I heard you've spent like hundreds when you were at Eriks Were going to Cali next month can you pm me his location? I only know LA/Anahiem area

Originally Posted by annual View Post
Haha it's cool. If we had like 6 or 7 people I'm totally down or even setting up on the roof would be sick!

Lets plan a date. Anybody got any ideas?
Errm how bout day we finish finals? lol then we can relax and smoke
There are too many Nakhla DA fans =/
Wheres my Nakhla Esk apple fans...

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