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Default Re: Starting a Online Hookah Store?

Originally Posted by CPill View Post
Seriously, if you had a lounge and served tangiers, I know that me and a buddy of mine (he posts as cjhopkins here) would be there CONSTANTLY... we probably dropped 100+ dollars on tangiers in San Diego at Eric's shop and while we were in San Diego it was phenomenal... we got back to AZ and it all went to crap we couldn't get it to acclimate. By the time it stopped smelling chemically, it was dry and burned quick status.

Also, I'd very much like to go to the lounge because most of the lounges i've been to in AZ over pack the bowl and it burns well before it ought to so i hope that your lounge would be the cure for that problem haha.

((and i wasn't really being serious about the HP discount that i posted a while back, i kinda feel bad about it because, as another poster said, kinda messed up to ASK for free stuff/discounts... but if you actually WERE to do that, i'd probably end up tipping the difference + extra back as a thank you))

Come to Urban Cafe then I guarantee you I would never overpack a bowl. Only when customers really start to piss me off I use a really small Egyptian bowl for them
There are too many Nakhla DA fans =/
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