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Default Re: If you received a free Hookah Hookah sample for review in the past cont

Wow you didn't have to make a whole thread about me Sam... an IM would've done it, geez. :P

Eh seriously though, before the contest started there were less people trafficking these forums, the majority being nice and honest. Since the contest launch we have gained a great deal of the same type of nice and honest members, but when you release video content on the scale we have and mention the word free there were bound to be some dishonest people joining for the sole purpose to take the hookah tobacco and run. Personally I would've liked to see all the members "accidently" ghosting ancient threads banned if only to prevent them from screwing over Jonathan and SSC in the future. Problem with that is it doesn't promote a very friendly accepting community. I really appreciate SSC helping to launch us further into the internets. I enjoy this community the most and there will be more videos to come after the contest is over. As for the ones who requested samples from Jonathan from SSC (or Mahir from Nazarhookah for that matter) and have yet to post anything in the form of video- the world is full of scammers, and a lot of them hang out on the internet. Trust me, I'm sure they saw they ban coming before the sent the sample request. Maybe some of them will decide they like it here and post a few reviews to escape Dunkel's quest for heads. Probably not. Sorry people like this help hold a community back from future opportunities as generous as SSC's contest.
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