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Default Re: Strange Injuries regarding hookahs?1

Originally Posted by LoQuik View Post
It wasn't my injury but...

Last summer I had a BBQ and invited some girls over and we were all smoking hookah on my deck when one of girls pulls on the hose too hard and knocks the coals off the hookah on to the the deck (the hookah didnt fall, just the coals) so I run over there and try to pick up all the now broken coals and put them back on the bowl and then go back to grill. So another girl I didnt know shows up and sees the hookah and asked what we were smoking and I told her and she says "ohhh...boring, I only smoke XXXX" and as she was saying that and sitting down on the bench where the coals fell. I heard her scream "Shittt! Shit!" and when I looked at her ass, she had 3 burn marks through her white mini shorts.

Haha.. priceless.
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