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Default Re: Smoke Tips?

Details on your setup would be the key to your success. A lot of people believe that you must have a nice Khalil Mamoon with a Nammor hose, very wet shisha tobacco, heaps of coal, all this crap to get big smoke. This is entirely FALSE. I got a train load of smoke simply by using a Mya Bambino and two pieces of bulk coal but I must say I prefer the draw of a Nammor hose and a decent bowl (However, I was using a Vortex with Al Fakher at the time I shot the video ). The best thing for anyone here to tell you is simply this:

Assemble your hookah and make sure the water level is from 1" to 1 1/2" (the level where the water covers the downstem). Any more and it will be water in the hose. Any less and the smoke can become overpowering on your throat. Second, make sure it's airtight of course. Then pack your bowl and poke the holes about 1/4" apart and the same applies to the ring spacings (I prefer a thumb tack to do this). Then place the coals on the outer edge and KEEP THEM THERE! Be sure when you rotate and ash the coals that you don't put them in the middle. It will make the bowl spent faster than you can blink your eyes. That is the key my friend, just experiment with the fire power until you see success. Like everything else, it takes time. You will quickly learn I promise, just be patient. Patience is the key .

Also, I just wanted to compliment Jayrunner89 and Buddhizzle for giving you some solid tips. Very nice information given, and it exemplifies why this forum is so great.

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