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Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
I've seen the Goza in Egypt only and I think The Egyptian can provide you with more information about it.

Goza - or Arabic for Walnut - is the Egyptian version of hobo hookah.

Usually Goza is made using any large glass jar (you name it, empty jar of jam, coffee ...etc.), the jar cover is punctured with two holes, one for the "hose" and one for the bowl.

The hose is usually not a hose, instead it is a hollow bamboo cane. Sometimes the jar is any bottle, and most likely - for reasons beyond my understanding - it doesn't have a flat bottom and it needs to be held all through the session.

The product on The Hookah Company, or even the KM Goza (picture below) I took pictures of when I first visited the KM store in September, are both far from traditional, and IMHO are both not practical at all, due to being very small, have to be held during smoking, and it is very hard to determine the correct right water level.

Goza has been associated with the working class using it for NHT in Egypt and holds a very high stigma and hence I would never ever buy one here.

My advice, don't buy it. Save your money!
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