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Default Re: starbuzz and tonic

Originally Posted by hookahpimp
I'm not angry at all. im truly sorry if it came out like that. i hope no one got offended from what i wrote i was just trying to clear rumors flying around the net. i understand that this is a discussions but whats a discussion with out true fact about a company that i work for ( where i am actually typing this response LOL). i spoke with the owner and he instructed me to say that when we move at the end of the month we will be giving tours of the factory for who ever would like to stop by.
I didn't know you worked for them...that's cool. Thanks for the clear up. That factory tour sounds cool too. If I ever go there for vacation I will definetly stop by. I've always wanted to go through a shisha company tour and see how they make it and stuff. I've even thought about maybe getting in contact with the tv show How Things Are Made, and see if they'd like to air an episode showing how shisha is made. I'm not sure if they'll accept though since it consists of tobacco...
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