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Default Hookah noobie needs some advice

hey all im am new to hookah smoking, and had some questions...

1. have three kings charcoal....what kind of coal is it quick light? natural? how do i tell the difference, the package and website did not specify

2. when i smoke my hookah i can barley taste the smoke, any suggestions?

3. when ever i finish smoking, the top layer of the tobacco blackened but everything under that is seemingly un burnt at all (although quite warm), is that normal? how do i fix it?

some info about my set up..

i am currently using starbuzz (blue mist flavor) shisha, (i was told its really good)

the hookah i am smoking is one i got from my local tobacco shop for like 60 bucks, i can post pictures if necessary.

i usually put ice in the base (not always) and sometimes i mix a little bit of milk in the water ( i read online it makes the smoke better)

when i smoke i sometimes get a weird after taste, i think it might be from really burnt shisha but im not sure

i usually use 1 or 2 coals at a time, i split them in half, making 4 small ones.

any suggestions? if you need more info just ask. thank you for the help guys.
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