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Default a hookah guy on youtube

i was bored and searching youtube for some interesting hookah videos, i came across this guy Charles from Sweden (his youtube user name is Plexusss. here is a link to his videos:

the first one "Special Edition Superlight bla bla" isnt really interesting, but all of the other videos are hilarious and quite interesting. for example, one of his vids is about shisha from the Netherlands where there is a law saying that shisha can only be 20% wet (odd i know) so he adds syrups etc. another vid he dumps tea, vanilla, and sprite into the base, another vid he goes through various methods of how to do smoke rings, etc etc etc. really funny and really interesting.

id love to see this guy on hookah pro forums so im planning on hitting him up, if you guys think so too, hit him up also and maybe we will have a new member
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