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Default For those of you who use Exotica Coals...

I finally recieved my free sample of the Exotica Coals. So I'm excited to try them, but I've got one problem. Unfortunately, I don't have an old fashioned stove(with exposed coils). I have the new type with the black glass surface. I'm scared to try and light them on this type of surface.

I'm afraid I might permanently damage it. Also it's a pain in the ass to keep clean so I don't want to risk it. Is there any other way I could light these coals without having to buy a portable stove. I don't want to spend money on that. I once heard something about a heat plate. I'm assuming it's basically the same thing as a cooking ***? So if I were to place a cooking *** on top of my stove and turn up the heat, would it light these coals? Any other alternatives?

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