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Default Re: Hookah noobie needs some advice

some quicklites have very fine ash... so even medium sized holes would probably let some ash in... but making the holes smaller, but more of them, as nibbz said is a good idea...

dry shisha on top, with wet shisha on bottom sounds like there isn't a big enough gap between the foil and shisha. And if you're smoking blue mist... there won't be a "tobacco" taste...
The hookah you bought shouldn't really make a difference... a good set up of the shisha/coals will smoke well with any rig, in my opinion... it just gets BETTER with the quality rigs.
And if you're new to setting up your own hookah, or new in general, i'd say not to use milk yet until you've gotten good at it, then try experimenting... it's easier to disect any problems that arise if you try something new if you've been doing it well for a while...
and maybe don't use as much ice? water that's super cold kind of mutes the flavors, in my experience...

the best "n00b" guide to check out would be Sambooka and JillyIsJustKidding's videos on setting up a hookah... there are probably other members who posted How-To's that are good... but SamB's and Jilly's are the ones i've seen and they're good.
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