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Default Re: Strange Injuries regarding hookahs?1

I was using a small egyptian style knock off hookah with my heavy KM hose ((idk why i wasn't using my km hookah though... i forget)). I had the hookah on a table, i went in the house, came outside to sit down and smoke some more. I sit into a low chair while holding the hose and the sheer weight of the hose-port-end of the hose and some slack in the hose brought the hookah down. It feel directly towards me so i didn't notice the difference until i could see the top of the bowl. Half of the coal went under my chair, the other half went... else where?

While picking up the coal under my chair and looking at the damage to my smashed bowl ((the only thing damaged, thankfully)).. My bawls start to feel very... warm... then incredibly scorching. I jump up quickly and examine my shorts to see if it burned through. As i'm moving the tongs toward the coal on the chair to pick up the coal... 2 inches before i get there, the coal burns straight through the mesh bottom of the chair >.<
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