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Default Re: personal pref on bowls

vortex for non-solo sessions and very drippy wet mo'assel and standard for solo sessions. Except my standard egyptian head that came with my KM is the smallest bowl ive ever seen, it holds less tobacco than the tiny bowls that came with my pumpkin hookahs, saves a bunch of tobacco, most economical way to smoke, flavor starts to die at about the 45 min mark.

I think the vortex holds less tobacco than the small phunnel bowl, which is ideal, they should rly mass produce the mini phunnels i think, they are nicer looking than the vortex so that might be the selling point there since they would be competing i would imagine.

Oh and i prefer cleaning the ash that falls onto grommet and stem when using a phunnel/vortex than cleaning the molasses that drips down to the stem when using a standard. Thats why ill use the vortex for solo sessions with for example AF esk apple because its ridiculously wet and if I only go for an hr ill light more coals up later in the day and go at it again with no probs.
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