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Default Re: Hookah noobie needs some advice

Ah the days when I first started smoking hookah, no worries tho we were all noobies once right. I still learn tricks to this day. Like others have said make sure you are poking small holes, tip of a toothpick works great. Also I found that if I periodically pause smoking to brush the ash off the bowl that helps out a lot from keeping the ash out of there. Also a good way to get tobacco heights right is to make sure that you dont pack above the rim of the bowl at all, sprinkle it in little by little (I like to leave stems out) and then wrap a nice tight foil cover on their. Depeding on your bowl size your Coals maybe too big/too many, I have smoked with the Taru-Big coals and if the bowl is a bit smaller the smoke is A LOT harsher. Otherwise trial and error is always the best way. Good luck and keep on smoking
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