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Default Re: If you received a free Hookah Hookah sample for review in the past cont

Originally Posted by Gift3d View Post
AWW SHIT i just double checked to make sure my 2 reviews for the samples i got were there, and my spearmint review never uploaded to HP cause it got removed from youtube for having a copyrighted song in it ><

Crap, i didn't even notice until i double checked just now... they said if i upload another video with a copyrighted song in it my youtube account will be suspended lol. I'll redo the review tomorrow and get it up here. Man i don't want people to think i'm some sort of bad guy now, i really did the review but i'll do it again and have it up tomorrow.

I see what you mean they are loads of old threads that come along and people saying some random things thats not relevent to add to they post count

But the thing i dont understand is sharah smoke send out 1 flavour and if people dont do the review was it really worth the troble having 50 posts and staying active for a little bit for a 50 gram sampler, wouldn't it just have been better for them to do the reivew and in the next box get more flavours
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