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Default Re: now explain this, hookahpros. . .

Originally Posted by caasi View Post
not good.. now i'm scared to clean out my hookah.. i'm gonna be surprised..
my friends rig didnt get cleaned often, he would brush it every week or 2 but noting more since he was on active duty and was out doing patrols/SARs/etc all the time. one time when i was home and went over to visit i offered to clean his rig and used lemon juice on it and it came out a nasty green (i filled up the stem and let it soak for 30-60 seconds). vinegar pull the gunk off better but doesnt freshen as perfectly but you wont notice the difference when smoking and its a boat load cheaper. after you clean it once as long as you clean it often it will be fine. i clean mine before every session (i smoke 2 bowls a night usually) and when im lazy i just rinse and then fill the stem with vinegar and rinse again, maybe a little brush. if im not lazy i add a scrubbing with dish soap before the vinegar. takes about 5 mins

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