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Default What should I try tonight?

Ok peeps, I am (supposed to be) getting in my HC order today - 2.5 pounds of shisha. Just taking a pole about which type I should "partake" this evening as there's no way in heck I can suffere thru 7 type tonight.

So which of the following MUST I try tonight (and please don't all lean toward the KP, I can't smoke it for long - it hurts me):

Al Fak Cappacino
Al Fak Rose
Layalina Magonsteen
Layalina Vanilla
Layalina Coconut (already tried this, thus why I bought a tub)
Nakhla Cherry
Tangier's Kasmir Peach

So what comes first? I can do like 2 tonight, but that's about all my body can handle in a 24hr peroid.
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